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PhotosWare Application Development

Saas Focus All Media web design CrowboroughSaas Focus All Media web design Crowborough

Project Objective

A picture is worth a thousand words and the importance of visual information is realised by all. Almost every organisation counts on social media to connect with potential stakeholders and current customer base. Acquiring visual information is time-consuming and a daunting task, you need to be ensure that your media team dig out stories about your brand and share them with your social media department. We wanted to create a platform that would simplify the extended process, and connect team members wherever they were.


The biggest challenge we faced during the development of this software was to provide sufficient upload speed of images, which is usually affected when multiple images are simultaneously uploaded.


We created PhotosWare to simplify the way images are collected and utilised for social media. Admin can log in to the application using a phone number and selected password to add team members who can take pictures, add a brief description and then submit. Admin can choose images to be published on social media from a pool of pictures submitted, publishing them directly from the application. Images that are left unused stay in a backup gallery unless deleted by admin.

Technology Used

ASP.Net, MSSQL as database