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Team Bee Application Development

Project Objective

At times when the market is crowded with many of CRM apps claiming to remove all your marketing and sales problems with the ‘swish of a wand’, we felt the need to create a CRM solution that does more than just assist you to manage customer relationships. Teambee takes into consideration all the major factors vital for the growth of your business and creates an online environment for the involvement of every employee in your organisation, keeping your field staff and your customers in the loop all the time.


The biggest challenge that we faced in the development of this software was to create a common platform that was self-sufficient for use, while at the same time also flexible enough to be customised completely by most kinds of organisations. We kept going back for revisions many times just to ensure that this software is created in a way that it can mould itself into company rather than the other way round.


We gave Teambee a holistic and well-laid out structure unlike any other CRM software available in the market right now. Our developers integrated the system with features such as Sales Graphwhich automatically displays your company’s sales statistics; Lead Tracking which assists you to instantaneously see what stage your leads are at and their maturity rate and Expenditure which lets your field team spend in synergy with your direct involvement. As we roll this facility out, the reviews that we receive are in sync with our high expectations.

Technology Used

ASP.Net, MSSQL as database

Saas Focus All Media web design Crowborough