Horder Healthcare Booking System

Project Objective

The objective behind this project was to create a bespoke booking system for the use of Horder Healthcare’s patients and customers for them to be able to create their own account, book a comprehensive range of classes designed to complement the existing range of medical services that they provide and receive multi-channel communications.


The design of a user friendly interface and one that allows the system to view easily on both desktop and mobile platforms and the amount of bespoke analytic data that is required for Horder to use internally and the resulting amount of programming needed to achieve this. The creation of multi- functions such as auto waiting lists for classes that are full.


The system has been designed with 2 user sections, one for Horder to operate internally to be able to upload classes, receive payments, gather data and generate reports, and the other for customers to be able to manage their own bookings, view historical information and receive email and SMS alerts for all their bookings

Technology Used

Codeigniter, HTML/CSS, MySQL